Coffee Mug Instructions and Video

Hello all,

As promised on my youtube video here are the instructions for the coffee mug.  I do have some of the measurements on the video but here is the written document.  Would love to see yours if you make one.  Feel free to send me your pics.   Please subscribe to my youtube chanel and my newsletter to be notified of all the happenings at Wynning Creations.

If you live in Australia, don’t forget to enter the draw to win a card kit, stamp set and a liquid glue valued at over $50.

Also here is the video


Materials needed:

Scoreboard (or ruler, pencil and a scoring tool of some sort)

Envelope Punch Board (optional)

1 x Cardstock paper sized 9½ x 7¾ (inches)  24.1cms x 19.7cms

6 strips of Matching DSP (decorative paper) cut in 3 inches x 1¼ inches  (7.6 x 3.2cms)

Strip for handle measuring 1/2″ x 6″

Double sided tape and or glue


Using your scoreboard or ruler – on the long side (9½ inch side) long side at the top of the scoreboard, score at 1½ inches (3.8), 3inches(7.6), 4½inches (11.4), 6inches (15.2), 7½inches (19) and 9inches (22.9).

Turn the card around and with the 7¾ inch side at the top of the scoreboard, score at 1½ (3.8) inches, and at 5¼ (13.3) inches.

Now burnish all the score lines with your bone folder.

On the reverse side of your card, place your six panels of decorative paper in the centre panels.  Ensure that the shorter scored panels are at the bottom of the card and the longer panels are at the top.  Place the strips of decorative paper just below the top scored line.

Turn card over.  Down the left hand side of the card you will see a long thin scored panel.  You will need to cut off the two smaller rectangular pieces and then cut a little wedge on each side of the longer piece.

Apply double sided tape to the strip most of the way down the side of the card stock which has been cut.

If doing the decorative hole punch Place in envelope punch board or decorative punch if you have one and line up the shorter score line is lined up with the centre of the envelope punch and then punch out all the sections out along each of the folds.  Ensure you also cut the end one off as well.

Now we can assemble.

Apply double sided tape along the top of the card stock (ie the largest flaps section)  Then another piece of double sided tape along the wedged flap which will go inside of the folded down section.  Fold the top piece down so that this reinforces the cup.

Cut up all score lines on the smaller tabs.

Fold these over to form the base.

Cut or punch out  a circular 21/2 ” circle to adhere to base (optional).

For the handle, curl the strip with your bone folder for make it curl and adhere to coffee mug with liquid glue.  Hold in place until the glue takes.

Decorate and fill with yummies as required.

Hope you all have a great day!


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