Scrapbooking the old days!

Good morning everyone!

For many years now I have been wanting to get some of my old photos into an album, some photos will be scrapbooked  and decorated and others will just be put in safe place for reminiscing.   When I sit down and have a coffee break or have friends over and we are sitting and chatting it is always great to pick up an album and look at some old photos.  This photo was taken when I was 9 years old and I was a flower girl with my sister for our neighbour’s daughter who was getting married.  We are still in touch with Monica and I remember her wedding day as clear as anything.  I am the flower girl on the right with the darker hair and my sister Christine is the other flower girl on the left with lighter hair.  As you can see the photo has seen better days, another reason to get it into a safe environment before it deteriorates further.

Just had to do it in pink and I think I have given this old photo a little bit of life.  The only product that is not Stampin Up are the silver leaves which I had in one of my drawers.

Hope this inspires others to get your photos and scrapbook them into an album to share when you get friends together!

Would love to see some of your scrapbooking pages so share them here so we can see what you have done!

Wedding Scrapbook page.jpg

Thanks for stopping by!



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