Morning all,

Well we are getting excited in this household as we are off on our annual fambam get together next week camping and fishing and all things outdoorsy at Woodgate!  This Grandma is so excited to see all her little (and one not so little anymore) grandbabies all in the one place as well as her two favourite sons and their beautiful wives (one soon to be wife!!).   Oh don’t forget the hubby and the dog!!

Not long until Saleabration finishes so if you are after some great freebies, shop online now, spend $90 and you could get one of the beautiful stamp sets for free from the Saleabration catalogue.  You can shop and buy from the annual catalogue or the occasions catalogue spend $90 and then pick and choose your free item from the Saleabration booklet.  A good time to stock up on your inks or your glues or any of those beautiful products you’ve been wanting to get and you can get freebies as well!  What could be better than that!

I just love the Party Pandas Stamp set and have even made some shrinkies with them for the kids!!

Well you probably won’t hear from me much over the next week or so as I will be busy packing, cooking etc for the trip and then soaking up some rays at the beach.  Stay tuned for some holiday pics!!

Remember stay safe and keep on crafting!!!


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