WOW! What a Party!!

Well the guests have all gone, Tilly the dog is dog tired, but we have had so much fun celebrating Phoenix’s 11th birthday.  The girls made two lovely cards and did such an awesome job and also a lovely handbag to put their cards in.  With the french themed party there was pink and black everywhere and even some french poodles from the Birthday Delivery Suite!!  The food was yummy thanks to Linda Symonds and even a couple of the dads helped out and joined in on the fun.  I make the Bonjour sign for the magnetic board where I keep my thinlets and framelits!  I gave this to Phoenix as she might like to put it in a frame.


IMG_5362[1].JPG          IMG_5363[1].JPG   IMG_5365[1].JPG

How’s this for a cupcake birthday cake!!!!


These are the two cards we made.  The girls also made a one sheet DSP handbag which went down a real treat. Thank you to my wonderful husband who did a great job helping out today as well as the dads who came!

Thanks for a great day everyone!!!






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