Coffee Mug and Tray Tutorial

I have had so many requests for a tutorial on this delightful little project which Linda Parker inspired me to make from her youtube video.  I recently had a very successful workshop where we made these in all different colours and the ladies were so thrilled with them.  Thought I would share the instructions with you.  One day I will get around to making a video which will explain it all a bit better. But for now hope these instructions help and would love to see your projects so please send me your pics!!


Coffee Mug Materials needed:


Envelope Punch Board (Optional)

1 x Cardstock paper sized 9½ x 7¾ (inches)

6 strips of Matching DSP (decorative paper) cut in 3 inches x 1¼ inches

Double sided tape


 Using your scoreboard, on the long side (9½ inch side) long side at the top of the scoreboard, score at 1½ inches, 3inches, 4½inches, 6inches, 7½inches and 9inches.

Turn the card around and with the 7¾ inch side at the top of the scoreboard, score at 1½ inches, and at 5¼ inches.

Now fold with the bone folder all of the scored lines.

On the reverse side of your card, place your six panels of decorative paper in the centre panels.  Ensure that the shorter scored panels are at the bottom of the card and the longer panels are at the top.  Place the strips of decorative paper just below the top scored line allowing for the decorative punch section on the bottom score line.

Turn card over.  Down the left hand side of the card you will see a long thin scored panel.  You will need to cut off the long rectangular piece and then cut a little wedge.

Should look like this,


Apply double sided tape to the strip most of the way down the side of the card stock which has been cut.

Place in envelope punch board and line up the shorter score line is lined up with the centre of the envelope punch and then punch out all the sections out along each of the folds.  Ensure you also cut the end one off as well.

Now we can assemble.

Apply double sided tape along the top of the card stock the furtherest edge from the punched out holes.  Then another piece of double sided tape just below the score line below the top end of the card stock.  Fold the top piece down so that this reinforces the cup.  Adhere double sided tape to long rectangular side tab and roll around to join.

Cut up all score lines on the smaller tabs.  Fold these over to form the base.


Cardstock measuring 10½ x 8¼.

DSP for tray liner 51/8  x 7¼,

On the long side score at

3/8, 3/4, 11/8, 1½, 9, 93/8, 9¾, 101/8

On the short side score at

3/8, 3/4, 11/8, 1½, 6¾, 71/8, 7½, 77/8

Score down to the second score line at 17/8 and 63/8

 Turn and do on the opposite short side.

Adhere DSP to inside section of tray.

Burnish all folds.

Cut down to the 2nd score line on the short score lines.  Cut diagonally towards the outer edge to the next diagonal corner .  Then cut as picture on all four sides.  ie  All the corner score lines will be cut away.

(NB.  Pictures have not had the DSP added as this as a sample only!!!)

IMG_3624[1]   IMG_3625[1].JPG

Put double sided tape also on the outside of the two long sides and fold these sides first.

TIP:  I find it easy to fold in half and then half again and then pop the rectangular tube up into the shape of the frame.

Put double sided tape on small triangular section.

Also add double sided tape to the outside of the two shorter sides.


IMG_3629[1].JPG     IMG_3627[1].JPG

On each edge fold in half and in half again so that the long rectangular shape rolls into place.  It may take a little fiddling to get the mitre (corners) into place) persevere, it may need a little extra glue ie. Tombow!!!



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