Daisy Delight Vase of Daisies

Wow look at the flowers I got today!!  No my darling husband didn’t send them to me, I made them myself with the new Daisy punch from Stampin Up.  Love it!!  So easy to punch out heaps of daisies.   I needed the pick me up as I have a terrible head cold.

How I did it –

  • Cut two of the same colour daisies using the daisy punch and overlap them and glue in the centre.  I also molder them with a flower molding tool just to give them some dimension but this is optional!
  • When the glue is dry, pierce two holes in the centre using the paper piercing tool and then thread florist wire up and back through the two holes.
  • I use the half inch punch and the centre stamp from the Daisy Delight stamp set to create the centres!

I think they look great on my craft desk, no need to water them either!!  If you would like to do a class on a bunch of daisy, contact me now so we can get started.  Remember June is a great time to host a workshop as well.  Great incentives for hostesses.

For those with children, I am now a blue card holder and can now hold classes for kids!!  Some great projects for the young ones to make and take.  Contact me now!!!

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