Virtual Class 9th May 2017

Hi everyone!

Very excited to announce that on Tuesday evening 9th May, from 7.30pm (AEST) I will be holding my very first facebook live virtual class.  For all of you who can’t get out and about and are just wondering what I have been rambling on about lately, here’s your chance to sit back in your own home with a drink and some nibblies and have a look at how it’s all done.  If you like what you see you can place an order at just the click of a few buttons.  I will be making a card or two, there will be opportunities for prizes for anyone who drops by to have a look and leaves a comment during the class.  It only goes for an hour and who knows you may even enjoy the art of papercrafting.  Worth having a look at I say!!  So get the kids to bed early – tell the hubby to go out for the evening on you, put on your fluffy slippers and dressing gown, grab a drink or two or three and some nibbles and settle back with your laptop, ipad, iphone or any device and check me out on Tuesday.  If you’re lucky I may even make you laugh a bit.  So what could be better!  AND GUESS WHAT – I’m free.  No cost involved.

Hope to see you on Tuesday night!!


3 thoughts on “Virtual Class 9th May 2017

  1. Hi Karen,
    Easy – just log onto FB as per usual and get up my Wynning Creations Page. I intend to go on a bit earlier than 7.30pm to make sure it is all set up correctly. When Im live you will see me there!! Make sure you comment with your name so I know you are watching and this will ensure you go into the draw.


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