Projects galore!

Hello everyone!!  Took to the craft room again today to try out some new projects for some upcoming classes.  If you like any of the projects or cards, I am running classes on any and all that you see.  Please contact me to book in for a class.  I usually only take about 5 per class so gather a few friends together for some fun paper crafting!!!

The projects today are a cute little coffee set with a coffee pot and two coffee cups served up on a  little matching tray!!  When I was making the tray, I thought it would also “serve” (excuse the phun) as a frame for some stamping artwork or paper flowers!! Might do one, one day!!  Fill the cups and pot with choccies and you have a great gift idea.  Even better when you make it yourself!!

The other project is a wine sleeve, easy to do with or without the gift bag cutting board. Fantastic to wrap that special bottle of wine in.   Hope you like them as much as I enjoyed making them.  Remember to leave your comments here!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!

PS  I must send out a huge thank you to Linda Parker who posted these on youtube!! Love ya work Linda, you are an inspiration!




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