Tote bag class

Held my very first workshop today with these three lovely ladies, Karen, Christine and Janette.  We had so much fun making the tote bags, they did a wonderful job!!  Top marks ladies!!!   Hope to see you again soon!!!  (There’s one in every crowd Janette!)


First Class 5-3-2017.jpg


If you would like to do what these lovelies did!  Please contact me to book a workshop!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!


4 thoughts on “Tote bag class

  1. Thanks Beth for an awesome morning. we had a lovely morning’. sorry about the card debarcle , totally forgot had a limit on it. we will see you on the . 1st and definetly want to,do a techniques class, maybe in may. once again thanks a bunch.

    i am on Rec leave from 10 March, for two weeks , so if orders come over next few weeks i will be home.

    have a great week

    look forward to seeing you on 1st April.


    Karenso e

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  2. Fabulous class Beth! So relaxed and fun and for anyone reading this, I highly recommend Beth’s classes … You’ll have a ball 🌺


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